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Building Your Disaster Recovery Plan is EASY!

There are two alternative approaches:

1) 'Fast Track': Go straight to the template and insert your details

That's it.... complete the forms and tables and you will have a fully functional disaster recovery plan business continuity plan. 


2) Open the Excel Work Plan and follow the Process

This approach takes a little longer, as it guides you through the formal process of creating a plan (from the business impact analysis phase right through to plan maintenance). 

Having read each section, go straight to the section of the template that you need to complete... you can enter your details there and then. You cover every section in this manner, leaving you with a quality comprehensive continuity plan.

Current News

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US results of 5th Annual Business Continuity Compensation Survey published There has been an average 5 percent increase in salaries for full time executives, while independent consultants have enjoyed a 12 percent increase in earnings.  - more info 

FSA establishes financial sector pandemic planning discussion group The group's first action has been to help design a questionnaire that has recently been dispatched to key organisations to assess their preparedness for a pandemic.  - more info 

US, Canada and Mexico agree joint pandemic planning actions These include ensuring that the business continuity plans of the respective governments consider the highly interconnected nature of the three economies.  - more info 

Activists create business continuity problem for BAA A blockade of the Heathrow Headquarters of BAA prevented employees from entering the building.  - more info 



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