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Software Out There Developers are joining blocks of interchangeable software components together to create a potentially infinite array of useful new programs.  - more info 

Apple Allows Windows on Its Machines The move, a recognition of the growing interest, turns a decades-long rivalry on its head.  - more info 

Child Sex as Internet Fare, Through Eyes of a Victim Witnesses testified that the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet is a $20 billion industry that continues to expand in the U.S. and abroad.  - more info 

Disney Phone Service Has Parents in Mind The Walt Disney Company will introduce a wireless phone service that will allow parents to set limits on their children's cellphone use and track them on a map.  - more info 

Microsoft Wins Big Order for Cellphone Software Microsoft has won its biggest contract ever for mobile phone software, an order from the U.S. Census Bureau for 500,000 handsets.  - more info 

Spitzer Files Suit Over Pop-Up Ads Attorney General Eliot Spitzer of New York filed a lawsuit accusing Direct Revenue of secretly installing spyware to monitor computer users' online activity.  - more info 

Lucent's Deal With Alcatel, as Translated for Europe Negotiating language differences is just one of the challenges that the companies face after announcing their $13.4 billion combination.  - more info 

3 Verizon Caribbean Units Sold to Mexican Magnate In a strategic shift, American phone companies have been selling their foreign investments.  - more info 

E-Commerce Report: Every Click You Make, They'll Be Watching You Would you trust a company enough to let it follow your every click online? Claria is betting its business that the answer is yes.  - more info 

Media Frenzy: Death by Smiley Face: When Rivals Disdain Profit Ventures that simply want to cover costs - like Craigslist.org - are illogical in commercial terms. But they have the competition scratching their heads.  - more info 


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